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You all liked the first two Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta so much that we decided to do it again. The goal of the Regatta itself is to have you, the contestants, create homemade "boats" that are both artistically interesting, reasonably buoyant, and made entirely of recycled materials (excluding actual boats or gear from boats). Crossing the finish line is far less important than what happens along the way. Time to put together your crew, fill out a registration form(anytime between now and October 1st), and start building that boat!

For you landlubber attendees, your job is to cheer on the captains and crews of these outrageously constructed boats as they sail, row, or scull around the course, topple over, or slowly sink into St. George Sound. You can watch the Regatta from various shoreline vantage points around the lab on either side of the boat basin.

Festivities surrounding the event include live music, good food, and loads of fun.

The rules are mostly simple. No commercial boats, no motor-propelled boats, and no boats over 20 feet long. Here's where the "mostly" part comes in. The following rules relate to the construction of competition boats entered into the regatta and to safety concerns. These rules apply to all entrants equally.

  • All boats must be constructed of materials that have been previously used (that is, no newly purchased material, except duct tape) for anything except for a boat.
  • All materials must be clean and safe for the environment.
  • NO boating materials (new or recycled) may be used to make the boat. No oars, no motors, no real sails.
  • All crew members MUST wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life vest (not that we don't trust your shipbuilding experience)
  • Each crewmember must be at least 16 years of age.
  • All boats must be self-propelled (e.g., by poles, self-made oars, paddle wheels, sails) or any combination thereof. No swimming, pushing, or towing.
  • All boats must have a name and the name must appear either on both sides of the bow or on the stern.
  • NOTE: All boats MUST be at the FSUCML waterfront by 10:30 a.m. on the day of the regatta. The judges will inspect the boats before the race begins. After all inspections are complete, the Master of Ceremonies will explain the race course.
  • It is the racing crew's responsibility to "leave behind no trace" of your boat. Whatever you carry in, you carry out.

One of our goals with the regatta is to encourage ingenuity and excitement about recycling. This means using in novel ways everyday items that we would otherwise discard to give them a second life.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials:

  • Any previously used or found materials (that are not boating material and will not harm the environment)
  • Cardboard and Wood
  • Plastic bottles and Metal Cans
  • Duct tape, twine, and rope
  • Cloth, including burlap bags

Unacceptable Materials:

  • NO containers that contained pollutants or other hazardous waste;
  • NO potentially dangerous objects (e.g., sharp edges, rusty metal, glass containers)
  • NO parts from "real" boats or commercial flotation (e. g., no old boat hulls, no boogie/surf boards, no borrowed rudders, no engines)
  • NO material that could break off into the regatta course area (e.g., styrofoam packing peanuts)

NOTE: Please make sure that all materials on the boat are securely fastened so that no loose objects fall off into St. George Sound during the regatta. If any piece of your boat falls into the water, you MUST retrieve it.


  1. First boat to cross the finish line in the regatta
  2. Most creative use of materials
  3. Titanic Award to the most spectacular failure
  4. People's Choice

Click Here to Register Online or Download the Registration Form Here

Download the Waiver of Liability Form Here

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