Marine Operations Funding Priorities 

Item Description Cost DONOR
Floating Dock, East Basin Extends existing docks to provide docking space for additional boats $50,000  
Floating Dock West Basin Improves launching capabilities and enhance boat dockage space.


Boat Storage, West Basin  Provides storage for small boat fleet, field equipment, and electrical and freshwater service. $50,000  
Laboratory Equipment
Closed saltwater system Allows scientists to control environmental characteristics for experiments on marine organisms.  FUNDED Anne Spencer Daves
Respirometer Measures the rate of consumption of oxygen by living organisms or organic systems $12,000  
Bomb calorimeter measures energy content $20,000  
Research Vessel Specialized Equipment
MARKEY COM-4 winch Required for deploying and retrieving oceanographic instrumentation, landing large fish. $80,000  
ADCP for the Apalachee Shallow-water unit - Current profiler to measure mid-depth and bottom currents remotely (without having to send gear down). This will aid users of the vessel in site selection/characterization and in gear deployment. $20,000  
Sidescan Sonar Unit Creates acoustic images of the sea floor, revealing the composition of seabed sediments  and evaluating essential fish habitat critical to fisheries research. $35,000  
AUV - Bottom Drifter w/ADCP& basic sensors Uses acoustic doppler technology for positioning, produces a trajectory along the bottom with periodic satellite telemetry of the data, provides a platform for water quality sensors, cameras, and other components (SEABIRD) $30,000  
AUV - Slocum Glider The Slocum Glider is used for obtaining ocean physical and biochemical measurements. $110,000  
SeaViewer Underwater Drop Camera This is a live view tethered camera (with 400 ' of cable and GPS overlay) that we use to ground truth habitat and associated biological communities quickly. l $2,245  

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