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Lazzara Interns

The ABSI oyster hatchery team is proud to have two interns jointly funded by ABSI and the Lazzara family join our production season this summer. Bailey Kilroy, a recent FSU graduate, and Jordan Elliott, an upcoming junior at FSU, joined the hatchery team in May and will be involved in all aspects of the experimental hatchery’s spawning season this summer.

Over this summer, these interns will be trained by senior staff in broodstock husbandry, oyster spawning and fertilization processes, larval care and growth monitoring, and spat settling. Bailey and Jordan will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the chemical, biological, and physical principles behind culturing animals like water chemistry, filtration, and husbandry. Moreover, they will gain specialized experience in culturing oysters, specifically.

Additionally, they will join their fellow interns from Oyster Corps and be exposed to the diversity of career opportunities in aquaculture through the Aquaculture Lunch Seminar Series. The oyster hatchery team is hosting seminar speakers with a variety of careers from industry specialists and farmers to biologists and managers to allow the interns a firsthand look into aquaculture careers.

Lastly, Bailey and Jordan will also carry out independent research with the goal to create a new hatchery protocol that will benefit the ABSI hatchery in the future. The interns have chosen to explore non-lethal biopsying techniques that will allow staff to sex oysters with little to no mortality associated. The interns will carry out experiments to fine tune the protocol and create the hatchery’s standard operating guidelines. Bailey and Jordan have enjoyed the production season so far and are excited to contribute a technique that will be used at the hatchery well into the future.