Community Engagement

Education and Outreach through writing, art, and observation in nature is important as public participation in science and plays a key role in increasing our connection to the natural world. The Friends of the FSUCML provide support for developing a conceptual plan of action for outreach and interpretive education.

Item Description Cost DONOR
Main Site Identification
Kiosks Habitat and research descriptions FUNDED Friends of the FSUCML
Environmental Monitoring Exhibit Displays real-time weather & water quality data $5,000  
Temporary Events Sign 2x6' header, 2-sided $600 Friends of the FSUCML
Site signs Directional traffic, building identification, tour signs $20,000  
Entrance sign replaces 50 year old entrance sign FUNDED Friends of the FSUCML
Welcome and Parking
Creek Bridge 100-ft floating dock $15,000  
West Side of Boat Basin
Outdoor Classroom 20x30' RCP structure FUNDED Anne Spencer Daves Outdoor Classroom
Picnic tables (for outdoor classroom) four FUNDED Anne Spencer Daves
Long-Leaf Pine Ecosystem Interpretive Trail
Improved Pathway Surfacing 200-ft. x 4-ft wide sidewalk $10,000  
Road Crossing per FDOT highway specs TBD  
Trailhead Kiosk sheltered with three 2x3' interpretive signs $12,000  
Nature Trail site prep allowance FUNDED The FSU Great Give - Friends of FSUCML
Overlook Deck – cypress swamp 8x12' deck $5,000  
Programmatic Features
Brochure allowance for development and printing, 11x17" folded to ~4x5.5" FUNDED Friends of the FSUCML
Trail Guide   $5,000  
PowerPoint allowance for program development, projector, media player $3,000  
Teachers Guide allowance for development and printing, 12 EE activities, 100 copies $12,000  
Optional Enhancements
Diorama in Lab Building diorama depicting near shore reef $15,000  
eBird Kiosk developed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology to provide visitors with access to birding information at a specific location $8,000  
Alligator Signs standard sign for nature trail, 2x3' in upright mounting system $900  
Well House Fence 6 x 8-ft and community murals (4 x 8-ft) plywood FUNDED Friends of the FSUCML

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