Greenhouse Hatchery 900 X 450

Holding Facilities and Greenhouses

The FSUCML has a holding facility underneath the marine laboratory building for staging use of marine organisms for educational purposes and research and two greenhouses with different arrays of tanks and wet tables for conducting experimental work.

The tanks range in size from small re-circulating aquaria systems, to outdoor flow-through tanks, and special use tanks up to 2,500 gallons for holding large animals or large numbers of organisms (see figures below). Tanks are also available that can be set-up on an as-needed basis.

To request use of the tank facilities, send a brief email detailing tank/aquaria needs, duration, and purpose of use to Cullen Morris ( Requests should be made the quarter prior to when the need is anticipated. Once space is assigned, it will be the responsibility of the user to maintain the area and clean the tanks after use. All users are required to present their State of Florida collecting permit (if applicable) and the Animal Care and Use Protocol from their home institution.

The Holding Facility Tank Array (underneath the main laboratory building)


The Greenhouses and Tank Arrays

There are two greenhouses located on property and available for the research needs of users all year round - Greenhouse North and Greenhouse South. Water systems can operate either as closed or flow through systems. Configurations of each greenhouse appear below.


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