FSUCML Scholarship Recipients


  • Barry Walton (Ph. D. student EOAS, Advisor Dr. Mariana Fuentes) - Spatial ecology, reproductive biology, and behavior of two species of marine catfishes in Apalachicola Bay.
  • Bryan Keller (Ph.D. student, EOAS. Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs). Do coastal bonnethead sharks use magnetic-based navigation?
  •  Kevin Olsen (Dept. Bio Sci, Advisor: Dr. Don R. Levitan) - Genetic differentiation on the mating system characteristics of the colonial ascidian Lissoclinum verrilli.



  • Austin Heil (Dept.EOAS, Advisor: Dr. Sandra Brooke) - “The reproduction and age structure of the Sheepshead (Archosargus probatocephalus) in different habitats in the NE Gulf of Mexico.
  • Kevin Olsen (Dept. Bio Sci, Advisor: Dr. Don R. Levitan) - “Influences of microscale genetic differentiation on the mating system characteristics of the colonial ascidian Lissoclinum verrilli.”
  • Maggie Vogel (Dept. Bio Sci, Advisor: Dr. Tom Miller) - “The influence of abiotic stress on the diversity and composition of seagrass associated microbial communities.”


  • Katie Kaiser - Climate change-mediated distributions: impacts on ecological interactions
  • Austin Heil – Aggregations and spawning behavior in Sheepshead, on artificial Reefs in the NE Gulf of Mexico
  • Chris Malinowski - Bioaccumulation patterns of mercury on Goliath Grouper: impacts on health, reproduction, and survival
  • Ryan McKenzie – Mating system and the effects of relative body size and size-selective fishing in the black sea bass


  • Zach Boudreau (Advisor Dr. Don Levitan)– The ecological costs of claw autotomy in stone crabs
  • Marina Lauck (Advisor Dr. Tom Miller) - The effects of algal mats on intra- and interspecific competition on plant communities in coastal dune ecosystems
  • Chris Malinowski (Advisor Dr. Felicia Coleman) – Mercury contamination in Goliath Grouper
  • Ryan McKenzie (Advisor Dr. Felicia Coleman) – Mating systems and relative body size of black sea bass
  • Ale Mickle (Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs & Dr. Jeff Chanton) – Mercury toxicity in hagfish
  • Brendan Talwar (Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs) – Capture stress in two deep water shark species


  • Chris Malinowski (Advisor Dr. Felicia Coleman)
  • Ale Mickle (Advisor Chanton & Grubbs)
  • Bianca Prohaska (Advisor Grubbs)


  • Zach Boudreau (Advisor Levitan) – Ecological consequences of cheliped autotomy in stone crabs
  • Johanna Imhoff (Advisor Grubbs) – Depth-mediated difference in trophic ecology and mercury contamination in six species of sharks
  • Cheston Peterson (Advisor Grubbs) – Understanding the symbiosis of sharksuckers and their hosts.
  • Carly Ryan (Advisor Miller) – Temperature-mediated sexual plasticity in an invasive sea anemone


  • Ellen Kosman (Advisor Levitan)
  • Cheston Peterson (Advisor Grubbs) 
  • Matt Kolmann (Advisor Grubbs) 
  • Travis Richards (Advisor Grubbs) 
  • Zach Boudreau (Advisor Levitan) 

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