Dr. Havalend Steinmuller

Postdoctoral Researcher

Coastal & Marine Laboratory | 3618 Coastal Highway 98
St. Teresa, FL  32358
(850) 645-3496

Curriculum vitae

Research and Professional Interests

My research focus is understanding how coastal wetlands respond to stressors associated with global change.  Through coupled field-based and laboratory studies, I evaluate how these stressors, which include tropicalization, sea level rise, and vegetation transition, alter biogeochemical processing of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. 


Ph.D. Conservation Biology, University of Central Florida (2019)
M.S.  Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University (2015)
B.S.   Coastal Environmental Science, Louisiana State University  (2013)

Research Areas & Interests

Biogeochemical Cycling, Sea Level Rise, Mangrove Encroachment, Coastal Wetlands

Professional Profiles

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