Graduate Student Scholarships


FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory

  • The FSUCML Board of Trustees Graduate Student Research Fund - This scholarship supports FSU graduate students who use the FSUCML as a base for conducting their research. Funds are available thanks to the generosity of the FSUCML Board of TrusteesDEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  24 February 2020
  • The Coastal & Marine Conservation Student Award - This scholarship provides a Summer (only) Research Assistantship to FSUCML graduate students who are working in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly around the marine lab, in any of the following areas:  (1) protection and conservation of coastal and marine habitats; (2) protection of ecologically and economically important marine species; and (3) sustainable fisheries.  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 24 February 2020

The FSU Department of Biological Science 

 Non-FSU Scholarships of Interest

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