FSUCML Research Areas

Research conducted by the scientists at the FSUCML focuses on understanding how marine species interact with one another and with their changing environment, starting with understanding how organisms in the marine realm make a living. Marine organisms have remarkable adaptations that allow them to live in shallow water where conditions change rapidly relative to temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen, to the deep sea where they are remarkably stable. They provide ecosystem services that protect coastal areas from high winds and surge while providing nursery habitat for scores of unrelated species, enhancing the biological diversity of the planet. They support important commercial and recreational enterprises, often being exploited intensively. The ramifications of this reverberates throughout the ecosystem. impacting its health and resiliency. Our research thus addresses  issues related to human induced effects on water quality, fishing, habitat , and climate to ensure that scientific findings are incorporated into the management and conservation of species.

Apalachicola Bay System Initiative

Anthropogenic Effects on Coral Reefs

Elasmobranch & Deep Sea Fish Ecology & Conservation

Meiofauna Ecology and Benthic Biodiversity

Macrophyte Responses to Climate Change

Reef Fish Ecology, Conservation & Management

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