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Volunteer with ABSI


ABSI seeks volunteers in two areas:

  • ASSEMBLING GEAR FOR DEPLOYMENT IN THE FIELD – volunteer will assist with the assembly of field sampling devices, including “spat traps,”  which are used to determine where, when, and how many baby oysters settle on the substrate; and building anchor devices to hold water quality monitoring devices at specific locations in the Apalachicola Bay. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in basic assembly using regular shop tools. We ask that volunteers commit to 4-hour time blocks. Weekdays only.
  • PREPARING SPAT TRAPS FOR THE FIELD & PROCESSING SAMPLES RETRIEVED FROM THE FIELD - volunteers will help prepare spat traps for field deployment, and then process spat trap samples after they are retrieved from field sites. This work is vital to understanding differences in oyster populations throughout the Apalachicola Bay system. This is a great opportunity for somebody who is interested in science and doesn’t mind getting a little muddy. Scheduling is determined by our sampling schedule and the weather. We ask that volunteers commit to 2 to 4 hour blocks of time. Weekdays only.