ABSI Welcomes First Two Hatchery Interns

The Apalachicola Bay System Initiative is thrilled to welcome its first two hatchery interns, Morgan Hawkins and Benton Jaco. Morgan and Benton will be assisting ABSI’s Hatchery Manager, Joe Rocco, and Hatchery Technician, Shannon Kirk, this summer. Currently, the ABSI hatchery team is rearing young oysters to set them on oyster shell and then transfer them to the field (the Bay) where our scientists can monitor their growth and survival rates. This internship program is funded by the Lazzara Family Foundation.

Franklin Co. launching program to recycle oyster shells for use in coastal restoration projects

Franklin County has launched a new pilot program in an effort to recycle oyster shells, according to a press release. The program, O.Y.S.T.E.R., or Offer Your Shell To Enhance Restoration, will recycle oyster shells from participating restaurants and use them in coastal restoration projects. Some of these recycled shells will be put to use by the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative.

Conflicting Evidence, No Smoking Gun Has SCOTUS Weighing Florida-Georgia Water Fight

In 2012, Florida’s famed Apalachicola Bay oyster industry collapsed. In 2013, the federal government declared a fishery disaster, and in 2014 Florida sued Georgia, arguing that state was responsible for the failure. The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case Monday, but as the two states await a decision, some key players say the issue won’t end with the ruling. Photo Credit: Jessica Palombo, WFSU

WFSU Perspectives Covers ABSI

What factors are really impacting the loss of Apalachicola's world-famous oysters? A new research project called the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative is out to get the answers and use those results to guide future policy regarding the bay's iconic seafood. Listen to host Tom Flanigan talk with ABSI project leaders and Community Advisory Board members about progress of the project.

ANERR's Sci-Cafe Highlights ABSI

February 25th at 3 pm -- Apalachicola Bay System Initiative, Sandra Brooke Sandra Brooke, project lead of the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative, will give an overview of the Initiative describing what has been done so far, what will occur in the upcoming year, who is involved, and how to stay up to date on the project