Florida Suspends Apalachicola Oyster Fishing to Help Species Rebound

"...changes in water salinity, habitat loss, overfishing, and other problems have decimated oyster populations, leading to today’s decision by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to halt wild oyster harvesting in Apalachicola Bay—a difficult but necessary step toward building healthier reefs that can support oystering in the future."

Special Report: Florida's Oysters Face Climate Threats to Survival

In a special report for the Orlando Sentinel, Kevin Spears interviews FSUCML’s Dr. Sandra Brooke and Dr. Felicia Coleman, amongst others, as he assesses the many contributing factors threatening the survival of oyster populations in the Apalachicola Bay and Cedar Key areas. Looking back on Apalachicola’s history, he paints a jarring picture of the Bay today, now merely a shadow of its former self as the “Oyster Capital of the World.”

Grant will help FSU aid in restoration of Apalachicola Bay | Opinion

Dr. Gary Ostrander, Vice President for Research at Florida State University, provides an overview of FSU’s newly awarded project, the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative, funded in part by the Triumph Gulf Coast fund. He makes it clear that FSU wants to hear from the community, one vehicle of which will be “ . . . an advisory board of community stakeholders to weigh in as we consider the best steps forward.”