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What We Do

This interactive map lets you explore current ABSI research. Many of the questions we address in ABSI connect back to the oyster life cycle and the importance of oysters for the ecology of Apalachicola Bay and for the people that depend on the Bay.

As you can see, ABSI is pursuing a web of questions that all connect back to the foundational biology of oyster populations and their benefits for people and the Bay ecosystem.

Large circles on the map:

The three main portions of the oyster life cycle, as well as the ecological and societal impacts of oysters, are represented by the large circles in the middle of this map. Hover your cursor over each large circle to highlight the projects that are addressing that specific research area.

Small circles on the map:

Each research project is represented by a small circle. Hover your cursor over a research project to see how it connects back to the oyster life cycle and the impacts of oysters. Click on a research project to open a research highlight box that describes the team that is pursuing a project and the questions the team addresses.

Graduate students denoted by *, Post-docs denoted by **
Brooke Lab includes technicians, graduate research assistants, undergraduates and volunteers.