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ABSI Community Advisory Board Past Meeting Materials


This page contains all relevant materials from the ABSI Community Advisory Board meetings, encompassing all discussion and deliberations of the Board.

2023 CAB Meeting Materials 

November 29, 2023 - Last CAB Meeting

Video Recording

*Apologies - this is an incomplete recording. The recording started late after the mid-meeting break. However, the Facilitator's Summary Report of the meeting will be made available for full written documentation of the meeting.


August 9, 2023 Community Workshop


April 12, 2023 - Community Workshop

2022 CAB Meeting Materials


January 26, 2022

CAB Phase IV Workplan and Collaborative Modeling Presentation (J Blair, FCRC Consensus Center & ABSI CAB Facilitator)

Ecological Model Presentation (E Camp, UF)

River Flow Model Presentation (S Leitman, FSU)

Hydrodynamic Model Presentation 

(S Morey & X Chen, Florida A&M University, A Alfasso, FSU)

Riverine Model Presentation (X Chen, Florida A&M University, J Zhou, UF)

2021 CAB Meeting Materials


July 14, 2021 Oystermen's Workshop #3 (Invitation Only; CAB on Zoom)


April 15, 2021 Oystermen's Workshop #2 (Invitation Only; CAB on Zoom)

2020 CAB Meeting Materials

December 2, 2020 Oystermen's Workshop (Invitation Only; CAB on Zoom) 

Video Recording of Meeting with Written Transcript*

*Note: We apologize for the poor sound quality and potential errors in the written transcript. This was our first attempt at recording an in-person meeting during COVID with new technology. We are working on adjustments to record and produce a clearer, cleaner video for the next workshop


September 9, 2020 


The Role of the CAB and Scope of the ABSI Project (F Coleman, FSU)

CAB Outreach Subcommittee Report (F Coleman, FSU) 

Apalachicola Bay Wild Oyster Harvesting Closure Briefing (M Norberg, FWC)

Model Status Update (E Camp, UF)