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ABSI Leadership & Partners

Leadership Team

Sandra Brooke

Principal Investigator 

Joel Trexler

Co-Principal Investigator 

Gary Ostrander

Professor of Medicine
Department of Biomedical Sciences


FCRC Consensus Center

Robert Jones (L) and Jeff Blair (R), with the Florida State University FCRC Consensus Center, have been retained to conduct a series of stakeholder interviews and to design and facilitate the process and meetings of the ABSI Community Advisory Board. Jones and Blair are accomplished public policy facilitators with the Center who have over 30 years of experience working with communities to build consensus on natural resource, marine fisheries and oyster fisheries issues in Florida and nationally.

Bob and Jeff were part of a very successful team that worked with Maryland stakeholders to develop a management and restoration plan for the Choptank and Little Choptank rivers. This project, known as Oyster Futures, provides useful information for our consensus project and can be viewed here

Hydrodynamic Modeling

The ABSI modeling team building the physical models for this project consists of Dr. Steve Leitman (L) and Dr. Steve Morey (R).  Leitman  (FSU) is an environmental scientist who has worked in the Apalachicola basin for over 40 years for federal and state government organizations as well as for several NGO's on projects related to flow, dredging, and water management. He also has expertise in the areas of natural systems conservation, restoration and hydrologic modeling.  Dr. Morey (Florida A&M University School of the Environment) is a physical oceanographer with expertise modeling hurricanes and climate variability on marine and estuarine systems. His research interests include studies of shelf processes including coastal upwelling and estuarine connectivity, circulation in the Gulf of Mexico, and the interaction between physical processes and marine ecosystems.

FWC - Apalachicola Bay Restoration (National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Award)

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) restoration project, funded by the NFWF's Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, is being conducted in partnership with FSU through the ABSI project. With common interests in coordinating with local stakeholders, understanding causes of decline, and restoring the ecosystem of the Apalachicola Bay System, this project will implement up to 1,000 acres of oyster reef restoration in Apalachicola Bay. Key players in this initiative are Jim Estes (Deputy Director of FWC's Marine Fisheries Management) (L), who has 34 years of experience conducting research and managing freshwater and marine fisheries, and Ed Camp (University of Florida Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences (R) an interdisciplinary scientist who focuses on the ecology and human dimension aspects of managing fisheries & aquaculture.