To learn who to call when you need help at the lab, please review the list of Staff Responsibilities. The organizational charts for the laboratory and for the Apalachicola Bay System Initiative (ABSI) are found here. Note that staff affiliated with the Apalachicola project have the acronym ABSI in their position title.


Felicia C. Coleman, Ph.D.
(850) 697-4120
Room 102, Admin Bldg
Durene Gilbert
Program Assistant
(850) 697-4095
Room 107, Admin Bldg
Mary Lewis
Administrative Assistant
(850) 697-4137
Maddie Mahood
ABSI Outreach & Education Assistant
Maranda Marxsen
Business Manager
(850) 697-4119
Room 105, Admin Bldg
Travis Mohrman
Assistant Director
(850) 697-4098
Room 104, Admin Bldg
Gina Wells
ABSI Program Manager

Facilities & Marine Operations

Lance Crum
Small Boat Technician
Tray Crump
Mark Daniels
Seawater System Specialist
(850) 697-4109
Matt Edwards
Lead, Marine Operations & R/V Apalachee Boat Captain
(850) 697-1016
Daniel Overlin
(850) 697-4109
Mike Repchak
Director of Research Technical Operations
(850) 644-4935
Dennis Tinsley
Mechanical Trades Technician
(850) 697-4108
Room 118, Admin Bldg

Research Operations

Dean Grubbs, Ph. D.
Associate Director of Research
Full Research Faculty
(850) 697-2067
Room 121, Admin. Bldg.
Chris Matechik, MSc
ABSI Research Assistant
(850) 697-3887
Eve Moore
FSUCML Research Technician
Brooke Lab
Cullen Morris, MS, JD
FSUCML Marine Technician
(850) 697-3887
Eli Myron
FSUCML Intern Research Technician and Dive Research Support
Brooke Lab
Chris Peters, MSc
Diving Safety Officer
(850) 697-2078
Joe Rocco
ABSI Hatchery Manager


Lab Tours -- Thursdays and Fridays 11 - 4 pm.   850-697-4120

Our docent program has grown immensely over the past year and has become one of FSUCML's most unique and fun volunteer opportunities. Our docents are volunteer staff members that serve as public ambassadors for FSUCML and help conduct tours and special programs for visiting guests.  To learn more about being an FSUCML docent, or to sign-up, click here.  You may also contact Durene Gilbert at or call (850) 697-4095.

P. Scott Hausmann
William (Doc) Herrnkind
Linda Leimbach
Angelo Lembo
Craig Overstreet
Nancy Paul
Denise Williams
Rhonda Work

FSU Security 

John Matthews, Security Guard
Robin Sexton, Security Guard

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