FSUCML Staff Responsibilities

The following list is intended as a guide to who is responsible for different aspects of the FSU Coastal & Marine Lab’s operation.  If you need to report a problem with a boat, facility, piece of gear, or anything of that nature, we ask that you fill out a Work Request Form.  For assistance related to research space and conducting research at the lab, contact Dr. Dean Grubbs, Associate Director of Research.

We ask that you be courteous to your colleagues by letting staff finish whatever job they have in progress and leave scheduling to the Facilities Director. Contact the Business Manager if you have questions about administrative duties not answered by this memo.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: The Maintenance staff share on call (after hours) duties. The on-call contact number is 850 591 0224. If you can’t reach anyone at this number, please contact either the Director or the Facilities Director. 


Joel Trexler, Director jtrexler@fsu.edu

  • Research direction, initiatives
  • Faculty & Administration Oversight, Development
  • Liaison to upper administration, community at large
  • Hiring, budget, and construction decisions
  • Supervises Business Manager, Assistant Director, Diving Safety Officer

Dean Grubbs, Associate Director for Research dgrubbs2@fsu.edu

  • Research space decisions for FSUCML & visiting scientists (laboratories, greenhouse space, tanks, storage)
  • Oversight for all RV/Apalachee research questions

Durene Gilbert, Administrative Assistant degilbert@fsu.edu

  • HR: Payroll/timesheets
  • Responsible for facilities and marine ops reservations, invoicing
  • Outreach: Docent coordinator, organizes large group visits, assists with social media, lectures, & special events, liaisons with main campus for FSUCML related events
  • Travel: Authorizations, receives T-card receipts for processing Gives tours in the absence of a Docent

Mary Lewis, Administrative Assistant

  • HR: Prepares new appointments, assists with reappointments, prepares Faculty AOR entry & FACET reporting
  • Plans meetings, responsible for minutes of all FSUCML Boards and Committees, supports the Director.
  • Purchasing: Procurement for all supplies, P-card proxy, receives P-card receipts for weekly and monthly processing, processes FedEx shipping

Maddie Mahood, Outreach & Education Assistant mmahood@fsu.edu

  • Outreach: Works with FSU Communications and scientists to promote ABSI research to the public through web-based and in-person fora
  • Organizes venues, notices, signage, printed media for meetings and public events
  • Organizes educational events for K-12 students 

Maranda Marxsen, Office Manager mmarxsen@fsu.edu

  • FSUCML HR Representative: Prepares personnel re-appointments, addresses workers comp, personnel issues
  • Manages all FSUCML budgets: Operations, FSU Foundation, sponsored projects
  • Proposals: Conducts budget checks on all proposed budgets & cost-sharing for faculty and others 

Gina Wells, ABSI Program Manager glwells@fsu.edu

  • Approves for ABSI personnel: Travel, purchasing, and HR actions.
  • Manages all ABSI budgets
  • Coordinates with other FSUCML administrative personnel


Travis Mohrman, Asst. Director tmohrman@fsu.edu

  • Manages construction, permitting, facilities staff & Marine Ops lead
  • Prioritizes Work Order Forms
  • Carries out facilities priorities for FSUCML & visiting researchers 
  • Liaison to campus facilities and IT

Tray Crump, Custodian tcrump@fsu.edu

  •  Housekeeping, janitorial services, deep-cleaning, schedules recycling, laundry

Mark Daniels, Mechanical Trades Technician mddaniels@fsu.edu

  • General maintenance & repair: plumbing for freshwater & seawater systems, vehicles (including fueling & logs).
  • Responsible for general inventory
  • Maintains water quality and rain databases. On-call personnel

Dan Overlin, General Trades Technician doverlin@fsu.edu

  • General maintenance, construction, finish carpentry
  • Elecrical maintenance
  • Resposible for furnishing & renovation designs throughout the facility; develops 3-D CAD desgins of all operating systems (eg., seawater) 


Lance Crum, Marine Operations Technician lcrum@fsu.edu

  • Assists in repair and maintenance of all FSUCML boats
  • Assists in repair of nets and other field gear.
  • Available for launching & operating campus-based boats for users.

Matt Edwards, Marine Operations Lead medwards@fsu.edu

  • Manages all marine operations & serves as boating safety officer
  • Responsible for maintenance, scheduling, & operation of R/V Apalachee, small boats, & trailers
  • Manages boat operator training and check-out.
  • Supervises marine operations technician


Mike Repchak, IT Technical Analyst rsch-it-helpdesk@fsu.edu

  • Maintains computers, wireless, server, networking systems
  • Advises on computer and peripheral purchases & sets up new hardware


Christopher Matechik, ABSI Research Assistant cmatechik@fsu.edu

  • Works with ABSI scientists and staff to facilitate research objectives in the field
  • Responsible for leading field operations related to ABSI, including oversight of other technicians and volunteers.

Cullen Morris, FSUCML Lead Research Assistant ccmorris@fsu.edu

  • Works with faculty & staff to facilitate research objectives in both the field & lab
  • Manages, maintains, & assists in acquisition of all research equipment (lab and field), and trains new users
  • Assures research compliance with relevant university, state, and federal permits (e.g., ACUC, FWC, NOAA, EH&S) for all FSUCML and visiting researchers; notifies FSUCML researchers of training requirements.
  • Volunteer Coordinator & Instructor for Community Engagement programs


Christopher Peters- Diving Safety Officer cpeters@fsu.edu

  • Manages all aspects of the FSU Diving Program, serves as dive safety officer
  • Oversight of all dive-related field operations to ensure that scientific objectives are met while diving safely. 
  • Training: Teaches Introduction to Scientific Diving & other supporting workshops to ensure that all FSU divers are properly trained in diving techniques & safety.
  • Develops budgets and strategic plans for the Dive Program

Joe Rocco, ABSI Hatchery Manager jrocco@fsu.edu

  • Runs all hatchery operations, including oyster and microalgae production
  • Produces larvae, spat for laboratory and field experiments
  • Supervises hatchery technician

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