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Sixty-five Years of Publications

Florida State University has had salt water flowing through its veins since 1949 when it opened its first marine laboratory on Alligator Point, The Oceanographic Institute. Since then, and after the lab moved to St. Teresa, it has continued a long-held tradition of publishing exceptional papers.

We have been trying to assimilate these papers for the last few years, resulting in a document called, “The Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory Publications 1951-2016”. This is now updated annually.

Here is where we need your help...

If you conducted research at the laboratory at any time since 1949, please let us know about any publications that followed from that research. Citations can be sent to the Director, Joel Trexler, by email (jtrexler@fsu.edu) either in the text or as an endnote (preferably) or other Library Management Program file.

Appropriate papers include those citing use of either lab as a research site, as a base for conducting research, or using equipment or staff support. Click here to see what we already have listed. If you would like a copy in ENDNOTE, please send your request to jtrexler@fsu.edu.

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