Florida State University


Coastal & Marine Laboratory Research

The research program at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory focuses on coastal and marine issues of ecological importance, that provide the scientific basis for policy decisions. The program is transdisciplinary in nature, based on an ecosystem-level approach.

This kind of program at this time is critically important because the northwest Florida coast is facing a dramatic increase in coastal development.

The northeastern Gulf of Mexico marine ecosystem is woefully understudied; yet, it is among the most biologically diverse and productive systems in the United States, both inshore and offshore, supporting commercial and recreational fisheries valued in the billions of dollars and providing a suite of ecosystem services without which the area could not survive. Given the potential for human-induced threats to this ecosystem from fishing impacts, oil and gas exploration and development, and water rediversion projects, the need is acute to identify and classify the area into spatially and temporally specific regions.

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