Cheston Peterson

Small Boat Fleet

Our small boats available for research and education purposes -- ranging in size from 12 ft to 28 ft -- are well-suited for working in the shallow bays and coastal areas of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. The Calcutta, Twin-Vee, and Dusky are all capable of operating outside of the barrier islands while the other vessels are best suited for nearshore work. Our boats are equipped with USCG approved and required safety devices, VHF radios, GPS, and depth-sounding devices.

Check for availability on our RESERVATION CALENDAR before filling out the RESERVATION FORM. Click here for rates.

Note:  All boat reservations require a FLOAT PLAN before the boat can be checked out. There are two different plans: (1) FLOAT PLAN 1 - Onsite: FSUCML boats launched at the marine lab are operated onsite in waters inland of Dog Island;  (2) FLOAT PLAN 2 - Offshore/Offsite:  FSUCML boat that are trailered offsite, operated offshore, or both.  These forms can be filled out online, downloaded to your device, and then printed out for signatures. Have questions? Call (850) 697-4120

28' Catamarans (3)

90-hp outboard - Maximum capacity: Twelve (12) people - Max. weight (people & gear) = 2400 lbs. Requires boat captain checked out by Marine Ops Lead. Draft = 20". Handheld GPS units available.

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26' Calcutta

Two 115-hp outboards - Maximum capacity: ten (10) people – Max. weight (people & gear) = 2400 lbs (requires FSUCML boat operator). Draft = 13". Garmin GPSmap 4212 Sonar and GPS unit.

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18' Polar

75 Yamaha outboard - Maximum capacity Five (5) people - Max. weight (people & gear) = 1200 lbs. Draft = 10". Hummingbird Helix X5 sonar & GPS

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14' Zodiac

25-hp outboard - Maximum capacity: six (6) people - Max. weight (people & gear) = 1280 lbs. Draft = 12".  Handheld GPS unit available.

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28' Twin Vee

Two 150-hp outboards – Maximum capacity: twelve (12) people – Max. weight (people & gear) = 2600 lbs (requires FSUCML boat captain). Draft = 18". Lowrance HDS12 SI, sonar, and GPS unit

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19' Dusky

115-hp outboard - Maximum capacity Five (5) people - Max. weight (people & gear) = 1500 lbs. Requires approved boat captain. Draft = 20".  Hummingbird Helix X5 sonar and GPS unit.

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16' Carolina Skiff

25-hp outboard - Maximum capacity Three (3) people - Max. weight (people & gear) = 600 lbs.  Draft = 8".
Handheld GPS units available

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12' Kayak

Kayak Fleet consists of three tandem and five single person kayaks. Paddles and life vests are supplied. Handheld GPS unit available.

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For more information regarding operating requirements for small boats, please click here.

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