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Previous Lab Members

Laura Acevedo

Volunteer Research Assistant (Jun-Aug 2018)

B.Sc. Environmental Science, FSU; currently M.Sc. student Climate Change at University of Copenhagen


Quintin Bergman

M.Sc. Student with Dr. Frank Paladino at Purdue University-Fort Wayne

Collaborator/volunteer #lifeonloggerheards project



Alexsandra Cavalcante Silva

M.Sc. Animal Biology from Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil.

Collaborator/volunteer on various projects



Haley Drew

Exercise Physiology Major at Florida State University

Volunteer on various projects



Laurel Keys

Volunteer - Marine Biology

Freshman at Tallahassee Community College

Carrie O'Reilly

Volunteer Research Assistant (Jun-Aug 2018)

FSU M.Sc. student - Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science Department

Andrew Richterkessing

Sophomore in Biology Major at Florida State University

Volunteer Chair of H.E.R.O. club

Volunteer on various projects


Sofia Sanchez-Zarate

Volunteer Research Assistant (Jun-Aug 2018)

First Year at Columbia University 

Dr. Arvind Shantharam

ex-PhD student Oceanography - Research Assistant Meiolab at FSUCML


Macrofauna taxonomist/ecologist

Libby Sutton

Biology Major at Florida State University

Volunteer on several projects