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2023 Summer Course on Sharks & Rays

Thanks to Dr. Dean Grubbs (FSU) & Dr. Gavin Naylor (UF), undergrads and graduate students can take an exciting hands-on immersive course in the study of sharks & rays. Taught one week at FSUCML and the other at UF's Seahorse Marine Lab, it is not for the faint of heart.

Biology of Sharks & Rays (4 cr.) - An Immersive Field Course May 28 - June 9, 2023

Not a course for the faint of heart, this exceptional opportunity provided by Dr. Grubbs (FSU) and Dr. Naylor (UF), world-renowned shark biologists, brings undergraduate and graduate students together to dive into the lives of elasmobranchs. Whether your interest is in sharks, skates, rays, or chimaeras, form & function, or physiology & ecology, it is covered in this immersive course. The rich texture of lecture, lab, and field components makes for an extraordinary experience with the fishes of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.  Want to learn more?  Download the course description.

The course is split in time between two labs - The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory (May 28 - June 3) and the University of Florida's Seahorse Key Laboratory (June 3 - 9).  

Pre-Requistes: BSC 2011, or equivalent. This course is open enrollment targeted toward upper level undergraduates and beginning graduate students. 

Registration FSU students: ZOO4407 (undergraduate); ZOO6409 (graduate) Biology of Sharks and Rays

Registration UF students: ZOO4926 (undergraduate); ZOO6927 (graduate) Biology of Sharks and Rays

Course Fee: TBD

Listen to students from the 2019 course talk about their experiences:

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