Work Trucks 3X2


The FSUCML offers vehicles for reservation. You can reserve these vehicles to aid in pulling boats to research sites, attend meetings across the state, and more. FSUCML vehicles may only be rented by FSUCML staff, faculty and graduate students. Questions? Contact or (850) 645 – 3474.

Toyota Tacoma 4-Door

Tag #YF550


Toyota Tacoma 4-Door

Tag #YD933

*Light Duty Towing Only - Sea Oats, Carolina Skiff, Kayaks

Ford F-250 4-Door

Tag #YR472

Ford F-250, 4-Door

Tag #YT973

GMC Sierra 4-Door

Tag #YD907

Toyota Camry 4-Door

Tag #YF844

Chevrolet Shuttle Van, 15 passenger

Tag #40606

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