FSUCML in the News

The R/V Apalachee Sets Sail

The R/V Apalachee set sail July 28, 2013 for a ten day deep sea research cruise. Dr. Dean Grubbs and Dr. Charles Cotton and their crew will be conducting research in various areas of the Gulf of Mexico including the area of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill.

GoMRI Discusses Deep-C Research

GoMRI's June 2013 newsletter focuses on the research being conducted by the Deep-C Consortium. It recounts what happened that fateful day of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster and then summarizes some of what we have learned since then. In this newsletter you will find several quotes from FSU researchers as well as an interview from our very own director, Dr. Felicia Coleman.

Corals Found Off Mid-Atlantic Coast

The Washington Post highlights Dr. Steve Ross' (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) and Dr. Sandra Brooke's (FSUCML) research off the mid-Atlantic coast. A new chemosythetic community was found in which many different species of corals and other creatures can be found. Dr. Brooke says, "We've had very little information about the communities in the canyons", but now with funding from NOAA and the use of submersibles they are slowly starting to uncover some of the mysteries and discover communities they never knew existed in these areas.

Florida's Gulf Research Cooperation

Florida Tax Watch writes about the Florida universities that are researching the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. It focuses on three institutions, one of which is Florida State University. It highlights our research on the coast along the Florida Panhandle as well as the deep waters of the Gulf and our attempt to reveal the connections between the two.