The FSU Diving Program

Florida State University's Diving Program, established in 1975, oversees and supports underwater research for students, faculty, and staff from the FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, the departments of Anthropology, Biological Science, Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Geography, and the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies. While much of the work is conducted in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, research studies extend as far south as Panama and Belize and north, all the way up to British Columbia, Canada.

The program also provides scientific diver training for faculty, staff, and students requiring diving as part of their research or job responsibilities. The training follows the guidelines set by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). AAUS requires scientific divers to have a higher level of training and proficiency than most recreational divers.  Participation in FSU's AAUS-sponsored Scientific Diver training course with minimum of 100 hours of cumulative training including 12 training dives is required.  Additionally, AAUS Scientific Diver Certification requires that divers be affiliated with an AAUS Organizational Member (OM) to maintain active status.  To learn more about training, follow this link to the Diving Program Workshops.

For questions, please contact the DSO, Chris Peters at or call (850) 697-2078.

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