The R/V Apalachee

The 65-ft R/V Apalachee is the flagship of the FSUCML fleet. It is named after the Apalachee Indian tribe that lived in the Florida Panhandle for thousands of years as is the bay on which the FSUCML sits.

The R/V Apalachee is designed to work in coastal and offshore waters, allowing scientists and students to conduct research on the ocean's biological, chemical, geological and physical characteristics that affect global and coastal oceans. The ship can provide bunk space for six scientists and both wet and dry laboratories. The R/V Apalachee also serves as an excellent diving platform. View the R/V Apalachee’s specification and equipment lists.

To reserve the R/V Apalachee, please check the cruise calendar for availability before submitting a reservation form. If you need dorm or research space dockside before or after your cruise, check the facilities page and reserve that space at the same time that you reserve the research vessel. Once you have an approved reservation, you will be asked to submit a cruise plan. Be sure to include transit time to study sites. Before departing on any cruise, read the cruise manual and submit completed cruise questionnaire, waivers, and scientific party forms.

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    Dining Room

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    Dry Lab

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    Pilot House

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    Wet Lab

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