Undergraduate Students

Faculty, postdocs, and graduate students at the lab always find ways to include undergraduate students in research. This is an exceptional way for them to get real life experience in science.

We also provide classes for undergraduates. Course List

Recent Undergraduate Research

Eli Myron is an FSU Biology Honors Thesis undergraduate interested in exploring 3D technology applications in coral restoration. As a recipient of the 2019 Phi Eta Sigma Undergraduate Research Award, Career Center Internship Fund, and the Bess H. Ward Honors Thesis Award, he spent his summer analyzing the correlation between habitat complexity and species diversity in artificial reefs in the St. Mark’s marine sanctuary. Under the advisement of FSUCML's Dr. Sandra Brooke, Eli uses photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction to “digitize” artificial reef systems, allowing for more precise measurements and visual reference to structural and biological features.  Read More About Eli.

Isabelle Basden is an FSU undergraduate directed by Dr. Janie Wulff studying the effects of filter feeding on water quality. For her honors thesis, Isabelle is researching how the active removal of suspended particles by sponges effects surrounding water quality.  She studies sponge metabolism and filter feeding, the process of capturing food particles suspended in the water.  As filter feeders, sponges play an important role in improving water quality and clarity.  Isabelle use scientific diving to collect sponges for experiments from limestone reefs located directly off the marine lab. 

Ashley Dawdy - FSU Biology - 2018-2019 John Mark Caffrey Endowed Scholarship winner and the 2018 recipient of the Helen Louise Lee Undergraduate Research Award.  Under the advisement of FSUCML's Dr. Dean Grubbs and working with FSU doctoral student Cheston Peterson, Ashley is studying the effects of tide and diel cycles on movement patterns and habitat use of bonnethead sharks (Sphyrna tiburo) and bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in Apalachicola Bay, Florida.  Learn more about her research here. FSU News Interview:  https://news.fsu.edu/student-stars/2019/01/08/ashley-dawdy/

Leonardo Feitosa (Universidade Federal Do Maranhão in Maranhão, Brazil) interned in the Grubbs laboratory for the summer, assisting with the Big Bend shark survey and analyzing sawfish research data. Leonardo is working on his senior thesis in which he is examining shark species being sold in Maranhão fish markets. Learn more about Leo's research project here. (Summer 2015)

Melissa Hruby (University of Wisconsin-Madison) had a 4-week internship at the FSUCML, where she gained hands on experience with both Goliath Grouper research and coastal shark surveys. She wrote a blog about all that she accomplished and learned during her internship. Read it here. (Summer 2015)

Hannah Klein (Florida State University) pursuing a double major in biological science and physics, worked this summer and fall on an honor’s thesis with Johanna Imhoff, a Ph.D. student in Dr. Dean Grubbs’s Laboratory, collecting, organizing, and analyzing tissue samples from deepsea sharks for mercury content. After earning her undergraduate degree, Hannah plans to go to graduate school to get her doctorate in ocean engineering, specifically on the use of unmanned water systems. (Summer and Fall 2015)

Emily Goetz (Middlebury College) spent the summer working with postdoctoral associate, Dr. Stephen Gosnell, on oyster aquaculture research. She assisted with building oyster cages, tending to the oysters, and monitoring their growth. (Fall 2014)

Catherine Sandon (Florida State University) worked this summer as a lab technician for the Coleman/Koenig Reef fish Lab working on computer data input. She examined videos taken on natural and artificial reef systems off the FSUCML to assess the diversity and abundance of fishes and invertebrates, thus conducting a foundation study on which research conducted by graduate students and faculty members in the coming year can be used. (Fall 2014)

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