Dr. Alyssa Andres

Postdoctoral Researcher

Coastal & Marine Laboratory | 3618 Coastal Highway 98
St. Teresa, FL  32358
(860) 449 - 2693

Curriculum vitae


Research and Professional Interests

My research focuses on understanding the underlying processes that drive fish behavior, fish relationships with their environment, and ultimately dictate the ability of fishes to survive and thrive, particularly in an era of climate change. I use a variety of integrative physiological techniques inclusive of respirometry, biochemical analysis, molecular physiology, and comparative physiology. Such techniques help to mechanistically determine key factors such as whole organism energetics (energetic capacity, energy use, metabolism and performance), thermal and oxygen sensitivity and tolerance, limiting environmental thresholds (critical limiting temperature and oxygen), and systemic animal stress, and how these factors may dictate success and survival in the wild.  

I also pair physiological work with behavioral ecology (fisheries independent surveys, animal telemetry) to ground truth ex situ physiological findings, such as stress and environmental or energetic limitations, to tell us more about in situ habitat use and behavior to put physiology in context for individuals and populations.

This integrative work aims to help delineate viable fish habitat, how current occupied habitats or ranges are likely to change with future environmental shifts and/or anthropogenic impacts and help us to add predictability to eco-physiological models of distribution, etc. for species and populations used for management and conservation under climate change.


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Florida State University (2023)
Ph.D. Marine Science, University of South Florida (2022)
B.A. Biological Sciences, Wellesley College (2013)

Research Areas & Interests

Environmental, stress and ecological physiology of fishes, with a focus on elasmobranchs; Metabolism and energetics; Thermal and hypoxia sensitivity; Behavioral ecology; comparative physiology

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