Scholarships for Graduate Students

FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory

  • The FSUCML Board of Trustees Graduate Student Research Fund - This scholarship supports FSU graduate students who use the FSUCML as a base for conducting their research. Funds are available thanks to the generosity of the FSUCML Board of TrusteesDEADLINE FOR APPLICATION:  24 January 2020


  • The Coastal & Marine Conservation Student Award - This scholarship provides a Summer (only) Research Assistantship to FSUCML graduate students who are working in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly around the marine lab, in any of the following areas:  (1) protection and conservation of coastal and marine habitats; (2) protection of ecologically and economically important marine species; and (3) sustainable fisheries.  DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 24 January 2020

The FSU Department of Biological Science 

The Department of Biological Science offers many scholarships to undergraduate biological science majors. Visit their website for the full list of scholarships.

Non-FSU Scholarships of Interest

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