Outside Rates

These rates apply to all Outside (Non-Florida State University) Users

Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Please make requests for special holiday and night boat operations at least 10 working days in advance.

  • Review FEES before submitting your reservation-request form. The reservation-request form can be filled out and submitted online. You will receive an email notification that your reservation has been received.
  • If you have any questions about the FSUCML or about making reservations, e-mail fscuml-reservations@fsu.edu or call (850) 697-4120.
  • Rates are subject to change.  When grant writing, we suggest a 10% increase in costs below. 


All motorized vessels have fuel (gasoline or diesel) costs in addition to daily usage fees. Costs are charged by the gallon and vary with current prices.

      Boat Type Cruise Length Rate Not-For-Profit Entities Rate For-Profit Entities
R/V Apalachee* Up to 12 hour cruise $1,250 $1,875
12-24 hour cruise $2,500 $3,750

*Each day that the R/V APALACHEE is away from homeport, the user is charged regardless of activity. Users are responsible for all charges when vessel is operated away from the FSUCML, which may include mooring/docking fees, any and all transportation, housing and communication costs. Other charges may apply, depending on technical support needs for the cruise.

      Boat Type      Daily Cruise Duration Rate
Pontoons1 Full Day Rate $155
  Half Day Rate $84
Dusky & Cape Horn Daily Rate


Carolina Skiff & Polar Daily Rate


Twin Vee  & Calcutta (Operator Required) Daily Rate


Zodiac Daily Rate $42
Kayaks Daily Rate $10
                                                                   Additional Fees
Boat Operator Hourly rate $40
Boat Launch2 Launch & retrieve $15
1Full days are 4.5 to 9 hrs. Half days are 4 hrs or less. Reservations outside these times require special arrangements.
2Only available to researchers staying at the lab

Housing, Office, Classroom, Research Space, & Services

HOUSING FACILITIES Per Person Minimum Per Night

Small Dorms (1,2,3 &4)

$36 $72
Bay-view Dorm  $36 $288
Office Space TBA $100
Laboratories (Wet or Dry) $50 $266
Tanks (per spigot) $3 NA
Wet tables (each) $15  NA
Classroom $50 NA
Auditorium $40 NA
OTHER SERVICES      Per Hour (piece) Notes
Photocopies & FAX $.10 Long distance charges may apply to FAX



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