Individual Lab 900 X 450

Common Laboratory Spaces

Available by reservation to all users. The common spaces include a microscope room, an analytical lab, an equipment room, a closed seawater system, a flume laboratory, a necropsy laboratory, a zoological collection and classroom, and Lab 20.


  • ZEISS AXIO Imager A1 (Fixed lab only)
  • ZEISS Stereoscope Discovery .V12 (Fixed lab only)

Lab 2 - THE ANALYTICAL LABORATORY open for use at all times; contains the following equipment:

    • Electronic Mettler XS 64 – range 0.001g - 61g
    • Electronic Mettler AE50 – range 0.001g - 11g
    • Electronic Mettler PB303-3 – range 0.1g - 310g
    • Electronic Mettler MS4032 – range 0.1g - 420g
    • Fisher Scientific Model 228 (counter top)
    • Fisher Scientific Model 22A (counter top)
    • Marathon 16km Centrifuge
    • Refrigerator and Freezer, Standard
    • Ultrafreezer, -80°
    • Culture Incubator
    • Dry Bath Incubator
  •  OVENS
    • Drying, Quincy Lab Bench Model 21-250. Inside Dimensions: 25.5"W x 20"H x 24"D. Max. Temp = 149°C
    • Muffle Furnace, Scientific Thermolyne Model F6028C-80. Inside Dimensions: 12.8"W x 6.8"H x 10"D. Temp. Range: 100°C to 1200°C   
    • Drying, Fisher Istotemp Model 516g. Inside Dimensions: 14"W x 16.2"D x 14"H. Temp. Range 40°C to 200°C
    • Glassware and Plasticware
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Hot Plates
    • Millipore Filtering Apparatus, Vacuum Pump, and Paper
    • Pipettes, Eppendorf Automatic
    • Autotitrator (upon request only)
    • Tissue Grinder (x2)
    • Veriti and Omn-E Thermal Cyclers
    • Water Bath

Lab 3 - THE EQUIPMENT ROOM is locked and equipment must be requested, this lab contains field equipment available for loan as well as the following:

  • MICROSCOPES Classroom/Research (can be moved for research/classroom purposes)
    • Stereo-microscopes - 20 total
      • Olympus Model CHTSZ4045 - 6
      • Stereomaster Dissecting microscope - 14
    • Compound microscopes - 8 total
      • Olympus Model BH2 - 1
      • Olympus Model CH2 - 6
      • Wolfe Elite - 1
    • Spectrophotometer, Turner
    • pH Meter, Metrion III
    • Handheld YSI 85 (temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and conductivity meter)
    • Handheld YSI 60 (pH meter)

Lab 10 - The CLOSED SEAWATER SYSTEM LABORATORY  – The closed system in the lab includes four experimental units, each consisting of two 95-gal tanks (an experimental tank above and the accompanying sump below). Temperature and salinity can be adjusted individually in experimental units. Below the lab is the water storage tank (1000-gal capacity, currently filled with full-strength natural seawater) and filtration system, consisting of a sand filter, a cartridge filter, and UV filter.



Lab 13 - FLUME LABORATORY  - The flume is a clear acrylic duct 5 m long, 0.5 m wide, and 20 cm deep. A removable bottom plate is located 4.5 m from the entrance of the flume. Sediment cores can be mounted in it, coplanar with the bed of the flume. Seawater is supplied to a 416-1 constant-head tank. Flow enters the flume through a 10.I-cm (inner diameter) T-shaped diffuser and then is rectified through a "honeycomb" of hexagonal cells, each 0.5 cm in widest dimension. The discharge from the constant-head tank is regulated by a butterfly valve. A tail gate of eight vertical louvers (each 6.25 cm wide) allows uniform flow to be established across the width of the flume. At the end of the flume, the seawater falls freely into a tail tank from which it can flow to a drain or be returned to the head tank. The return system includes four pumps (each capable of moving ~ 114 I· min - I) that operate in parallel. The long axis of the flume can be tilted through angles up to l.5°.



Lab 15A - The NECROPSY LABORATORY -  (15 ft x 17 ft) and the classroom space are adjacent, separated by two 36" pocket doors (opening = 72"x 80"). The lab space contains:

  • Stainless counter, sinks, cabinets, and shelves along one 17 ft wall
  • Storage cabinets (Three 16"x 30"x 72") portable free standing
  • Wet table (2 ft x 8 ft) with optional cover to convert to a work surface
  • Water: (1) hot & cold potable (chlorinated and softened); (2) cold potable water to hose bib; (3) running seawater

Lab 15B - The Classroom & Zoological Collection  -  described under "Classroom"

Lab 20 - Contains general use sink and stainless counter space as well as access to the following:

  • Environmental Chambers- (two chambers, each 7 ft x 7 ft) provide controls for temperature (2°C - 38°C) and light (with a timer) for conducting experiments. Both rooms contain wet tables.
  • Getinge Vacuum Steam Sterilizer (Model 533LS)
  • Water Purification
    • Ultrapure Water Purification System, Barnstead E-pure
    • TGI Pure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System (Model WIN-545P)

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