Individual Lab 900 X 450

Common Laboratory Spaces

Available by reservation to all users. The common spaces include a microscope room, an analytical lab, an equipment room, a closed seawater system, a flume laboratory, a necropsy laboratory, a zoological collection and classroom, and Lab 20.


  • ZEISS AXIO Imager A1 (Fixed lab only)
  • ZEISS Stereoscope Discovery .V12 (Fixed lab only)

Lab 2 - THE ANALYTICAL LABORATORY open for use at all times; contains the following equipment:

    • Electronic Mettler XS 64 – range 0.001g - 61g
    • Electronic Mettler AE50 – range 0.001g - 11g
    • Electronic Mettler PB303-3 – range 0.1g - 310g
    • Electronic Mettler MS4032 – range 0.1g - 420g
    • Microbalance Mettler XPR36
    • Fisher Scientific Model 228 (counter top)
    • Fisher Scientific Model 22A (counter top)
    • Marathon 16km Centrifuge
    • Refrigerator and Freezer, Standard
    • Ultrafreezer, -80°
    • Culture Incubator
    • Dry Bath Incubator
  •  OVENS
    • Drying, Quincy Lab Bench Model 21-250. Inside Dimensions: 25.5"W x 20"H x 24"D. Max. Temp = 149°C
    • Muffle Furnace, Scientific Thermolyne Model F6028C-80. Inside Dimensions: 12.8"W x 6.8"H x 10"D. Temp. Range: 100°C to 1200°C   
    • Drying, Fisher Istotemp Model 516g. Inside Dimensions: 14"W x 16.2"D x 14"H. Temp. Range 40°C to 200°C
    • Glassware and Plasticware
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Hot Plates
    • Millipore Filtering Apparatus, Vacuum Pump, and Paper
    • Pipettes, Eppendorf Automatic
    • Autotitrator (upon request only)
    • Tissue Grinder (x2)
    • Veriti and Omn-E Thermal Cyclers
    • Water Bath
    • Sonicator Bath
    • Homogenizer
    • Spectrophotometer

Lab 3 - THE EQUIPMENT ROOM is locked and equipment must be requested, this lab contains field equipment available for loan as well as the following:

  • MICROSCOPES Classroom/Research (can be moved for research/classroom purposes)
    • Stereo-microscopes - 20 total
      • Olympus Model CHTSZ4045 - 6
      • Stereomaster Dissecting microscope - 14
    • Compound microscopes - 8 total
      • Olympus Model BH2 - 1
      • Olympus Model CH2 - 6
      • Wolfe Elite - 1

Lab 10 - The CLOSED SEAWATER SYSTEM LABORATORY  – The closed system in the lab includes four experimental units, each consisting of two 95-gal tanks (an experimental tank above and the accompanying sump below). Temperature and salinity can be adjusted individually in experimental units. Below the lab is the water storage tank (1000-gal capacity, currently filled with full-strength natural seawater) and filtration system, consisting of a sand filter, a cartridge filter, and UV filter.


Lab 15A - The NECROPSY LABORATORY -  (15 ft x 17 ft) and the classroom space are adjacent, separated by two 36" pocket doors (opening = 72"x 80"). The lab space contains:

  • Stainless counter, sinks, cabinets, and shelves along one 17 ft wall
  • Storage cabinets (Three 16"x 30"x 72") portable free standing
  • Wet table (2 ft x 8 ft) with optional cover to convert to a work surface
  • Water: (1) hot & cold potable (chlorinated and softened); (2) cold potable water to hose bib; (3) running seawater

Lab 15B - The Classroom & Zoological Collection  -  described under "Classroom"

Lab 20 - Contains general use sink and stainless counter space as well as access to the following:

  • Environmental Chambers- (two chambers, each 7 ft x 7 ft) provide controls for temperature (2°C - 38°C) and light (with a timer) for conducting experiments. Both rooms contain wet tables.
  • Getinge Vacuum Steam Sterilizer (Model 533LS)
  • Water Purification
    • Ultrapure Water Purification System, Barnstead E-pure
    • TGI Pure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System (Model WIN-545P)
    • Bulk Deionized (~17.5  MΩ.cm) and Reverse Osmosis Water

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