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Grubbs Laboratory in the News

Navigational tools: Sharks use Earth’s magnetic fields to find their way home

Recent PhD graduate, Bryan Keller, is the lead scientist on new research finding that sharks likely use the Earth’s magnetic fields to help guide them on their migrations. Keller specifically examined a group of bonnethead sharks that spend the summer off the coast of the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab, before migrating south for the winter. Other populations of bonnetheads have been shown to undertake migrations over 1000 km roundtrip. The team’s work is published in the latest issue of Current Biology

FSUCML Researchers Tag 7 Large Sawfish in Three Days in Everglades National Park!

The FSUCML sawfish research team recently completed their first tagging trip of 2021. Consisting of FSUCML faculty member Dr. Dean Grubbs, FSU graduate students Ashley Dawdy and Blake Hamilton, and UNF graduate student Kristin Palmrose from Dr. Jim Gelsleichter’s lab, the team successfully tagged 7 large endangered smalltooth sawfish over three days.

The Movements of Bonefish

Dr. Grubbs co-authored a new paper using acoustic telemetry to describe movements of bonefish from spawning areas to adult home ranges in Andros, Bahamas. The work highlights the role marine protected areas, such as a marine national park, can play in conserving economically important species.

Grubbs Receives Prestigious Award for Graduate Student Mentoring

Dr. Dean Grubbs, a faculty member at the Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory, has been awarded one of FSU’s prestigious Graduate Faculty Mentor Awards. Nominated by graduate students, faculty members are selected for this award based on their dedication to graduate students and commitment to excellence in graduate education and mentoring, thus ultimately helping to contribute to the quality of life and professional development of graduate students at FSU.

New Book Co-Authored by Dr. Grubbs Sets Release Date

FSUCML's Dr. Dean Grubbs co-authored a book with Dr. Daniel Abel from Coastal Carolina University. The book is set to Sept. 2020, is titled " Shark Biology and Conservation: Essential Information for Enthusiasts, Educators, Naturalists and Students" -(And anyone else fascinated by these magnificent beasts). Elise Pullen, MSc, also from Coastal Carolina University, created the scientific illustrations for the book with Marc Dando.

10 Years Later - FSU Experts Available to Comment on Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Ten years ago, an estimated 200 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico from a damaged well below the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig. Scientists and first responders scrambled to predict where the released oil would go and how it would affect the circulation, ecology and biogeochemistry of the Gulf. FSU researchers, including FSUCML's own Dr. Grubbs, were at the forefront of that effort, attracting millions in research dollars to conduct thorough investigations into the crisis and its aftermath.