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Grubbs Laboratory in the News


FSU researcher featured on 'Shark Week'

Dr. Dean Grubbs and several FSUCML graduate students were featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The crew was investigating the effects of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill on species living at the depth of the spill, about 5000 feet deep. In the five years since Deep Water Horizon, Dr. Grubbs and his lab have completed the largest survey ever done of deep water sharks.

It Wasn't the Rays' Fault After All

Baltimore's public radio station interviews Dr. Grubbs about his and Dr. Cotton's latest publication, examining the truth about cownose rays' effects on scallop and oyster populations in Chesapeake Bay. Their study challenges a previous study purporting that overfishing of large sharks caused a sudden increase in the number of cownose rays.