Congratulations to Danie Barnes!

With summer coming to an end and the new semester swinging into action, the FSUCML wants to give a huge shout-out and congratulations to Danie Barnes! Danie graduated in August after completing her Master’s in Biological Science. We are so proud of her accomplishments! Read on to learn about her research, favorite FSUCML memories, and her next steps.

Her thesis, "Fitness consequences of density, spatial arrangement, and relatedness of neighbors in a dispersal limited invertebrate” described her research into how the bryozoan Bugula neritina's survival, growth, and reproduction are dependent upon where they live and whom they live next to as a result of their limited larval dispersal. This species can be found attached to seagrass blades in the seagrass meadows off the shore of the FSUCML and at nearby Dog Island. She experimentally manipulated the density, spatial arrangement, and relatedness of the colonies in the field and measured their resulting fitness. 

While at FSCUML, she was awarded the Mote Research Assistantship to fund her research. Her favorite FSUCML memories took place any time she could get on the water! She particularly loved being able to observe so much incredible wildlife including, dolphins, turtles, fish, birds, invertebrates, and of course, the bryozoans!

She is currently applying for research biologist jobs at federal and state environmental agencies. She hopes to apply the skills and knowledge she gained at FSU toward marine conservation research, policy, and advocacy. Good luck Danie, we can’t wait to see what you do next!