Art in Nature - Local Students Paint Ocean Murals


With a simple theme, THE DEEP SEA, for guidance, students from Franklin (Franklin County Elementary School), Wakulla (Wakulla High School), and Leon counties (Cornerstone Learning community, Magnolia School, Raa Middle School, Rickards High School, School of Arts & Sciences) revealed through art their visions of the rich ecological diversity in the Deep Sea while boosting their awareness of the need to conserve and protect even those parts of the planet that few will ever visit.

The lab provided each participating school with a marine-grade 4-ft by 8-ft wooden "canvas" and small buckets of high quality paint. The rest sprung from their imaginations, as they interpreted the theme in their own artistic ways. The murals now cover the FSUCML's Wall of Art in Nature, unveiled on DATE by the students who created them.

The unveiling occurred on 18 May 2019 on a scalding hot day. But the wonderful artists, teachers, and their families were troopers in putting up with the heat while enjoying the wonderful art and meeting the incredible artists.