Welcome Grad Students

Welcome Grad Students! On Friday, September 6th FSUCML hosted Grad Night at the lab. New graduate students for the fall semester were invited to the lab for dinner and an overnight stay. On Friday night the students got a chance to meet each other and returning graduate students. The marine lab faculty and staff were also on hand to greet the new students. On Saturday morning, Dr. Dean Grubbs took the new students on a pontoon boat tour and trawl of the coastal area around the lab. Returning graduate student Zach Boudreau and FSUCML Associate Director Mary Balthrop assisted Dr. Grubbs. Once back on dry land, Associate Director Mary Balthrop gave the students a tour of the lab. Thanks to the following new graduate students for attending and we look forward to seeing them at the Lab: Bianca Prohaska and Brendan Talwar - Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs, Jennifer Valvo and Elizabeth Lange - Advisor Dr. Kimberly Hughes, Eve Culbreth, Advisor Dr. joseph Travis, Jessica Cusick - Advisor Dr. Emily Duval, Kate McGrath - Advisor Dr. Jeanette Wulff, Chris Malinowski - Advisor Dr. Felicia Coleman and Natali Miller - Advisor Dr. Alice Winn.