FSUCML Board of Trustees Graduate Student Research Fund 

This scholarship supports FSU graduate students who use the FSUCML as a base for conducting their research. The scholarship selection process is based on the quality of the cover letter, quality of the proposal, a clearly defined budget and budget justification, and a clear description of the applicant's need for FSUCML facilities. 

Funding: Funds are available thanks to the generosity of the FSUCML Board of Trustees. Awards are up to $2,500 to support research (two at this level and several up to $1,000)

Application Criteria:

  • Cover letter - (1 Page) briefly describing the research project and clearly defining how the FSUCML facilities will be used (e.g., boats, diving support, laboratory space, dorm use, experimental set up). 
  • Proposal
    • Title (short and clear to non-scientists)
    • A concise research statement (2-3 Pages—excluding tables, figures, references) that includes an introduction clearly stating the conceptual background for the research and the questions being addressed; a list of objectives; methods; preliminary or anticipated results and their significance to the body of science
  • Budget and budget justification - (1 Page) identify the type and cost of each budget item; include here the statement of need (i.e., why this scholarship and why funding is not available elsewhere)
  • A curriculum vitae (include name of advisor)  - (1-2 Pages) - include your educational history, research experience, publications (including ‘gray literature’ contributions); presentations (including oral presentations, posters, and those presented by co-authors). 
  • Please merge all documents into a single pdf file and submit to Dr. Joel Trexler (jtrexler@fsu.edu)

Eligible Applicants: 

  • Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student at Florida State University.
  • Must be use the FSUCML as a base to conduct research
  • NOTE: Masters students are eligible for awards no more than two times; Ph. D. students are eligible for awards no more than three times. Students who have not expended a previous year's award are ineligible unless they have received a one time 6-month extension (submitted prior to the end of the award, which is 12 months after notification of the award) and provided adequate justification.

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