FSUCML Scholarship Application Instructions

The FSUCML Board of Trustees Student Research Fund 


  • up to $2,500 to support research (two at this level and several up to $1,000)


  • Must be a student in good standing currently enrolled in a M.Sc. or Ph.D. program at Florida State University and must be actively engaged in thesis/dissertation research related to some aspect of coastal or marine ecology or conservation requiring the use of FSUCML facilities.  The intent of the award is to encourage graduate students to use the FSUCML as their primary base for research and to support their research costs associated with that use.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of the cover letter
  • Quality of the proposal 
  • Clearly defined budget and budget justification
  • A clear description of the applicant's need for FSUCML facilities

Application Items (all required)

  • Cover letter - (1 Page) briefly describing the research project and clearly defining how the FSUCML facilities will be used (e.g., boats, diving support, laboratory space, dorm use, experimental set up). 
  • Proposal
    • Title (short and clear to non-scientists)
    • A concise research statement (2-3 Pages—excluding tables, figures, references) that includes an introduction clearly stating the conceptual background for the research and the questions being addressed; a list of objectives; methods; preliminary or anticipated results and their significance to the body of science
  • Budget and budget justication - (1 Page) identify the type and cost of each budget item; include here the statement of need (i.e., why this scholarship and why funding is not available elsewhere)
  • A curriculum vitae (include name of advisor)  - (1-2 Pages) - include your educational history, research experience, publications (including ‘gray literature’ contributions); presentations (including oral presentations, posters, and those presented by co-authors). 


Masters students are eligible for awards no more than two times; Ph. D. students are eligible for awards no more than three times. Students who have not expended a previous year's award are ineligible unless they have received a one time 6-month extension (submitted prior to the end of the award, which is 12 months after notification of the award) and provided adequate justification.

Please merge all documents into a single pdf file and submit to Dr. Felicia Coleman (fcoleman@fsu.edu)

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