Alex Chequer Joins CML as FSU Diving Safety Officer

Please welcome Alex Chequer to the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory as the new FSU Diving Safety Officer. Alex arrived recently with his wife, Catherine, and son Ryan, after having served for years as the Diving Safety Officer for the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Alex brings to the university a breadth of experience that ranges from planning, coordinating, and executing field research projects from the Florida Keys to Bermuda and Fiji, to maintaining a fleet of boats and a high performance liquid chromatograph. He is often called upon by other institutions to participate in or lead research diving excursions, including the University of North Carolina, NOAA's Aquarius Program, and Georgia Institute of Technology, where he served as DSO before moving to Bermuda. Having a diving safety officer onboard who understands th process of science and has conducted science is a tremendous asset to FSU and to our growing diving community. Welcome aboard, Alex.