FSUCML Polar Academy working with local schools on Antarctic education

As part of the NSF-funded workshop on Antarctic Ecosystem Research Following Ice Shelf Collapse and Iceberg Calving Events (NSF-OPP 1750903), the Polar Academy Team has started a new initiative: "Antarctic Influences of Climate Change on Ecosystems" (AntICE) and has been reaching out to various groups of school children in the local area. The Polar Academy Team has been interacting with our enthusiastic local coastal polar ambassadors at Wakulla High School (Crawfordville), children from the Cornerstone Learning Community (Tallahassee), and plans are in place to have outreach sessions with the wider Tallahassee Homeschooling Community and the School of Arts and Sciences in Tallahassee. In collaboration with the NSF-funded Polar-ICE project (Polar Literacy Initiative)FSU outreach and education program, and drawing from the team's scientific efforts in the Antarctic, we are informing the future generations of the importance of Antarctic organisms and ecosystems, the uniqueness of its fauna and flora and the significance of its food webs, as well as how all these are changing and will change further under climate change. For more information, click here