Florida Sea Grant Scholarship Awardees

Aylesworth Foundation Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to Bryan Keller, 2018 Aylesworth Scholarship Award winner.  Bryan will use the grant funds to help support his research on the seasonal migrations of coastal sharks.  His work is focused on determining if  coastal bonnethead sharks use magnetic-based navigation, which is common in other marine animals like sea turtles.  Learn more about the Aylesworth Scholarship program through Florida Sea Grant.

Florida Sea Grant Scholars

2017 -
Bryan Keller  (Ph. D. student, EOAS. Advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs)
Abbey Engleman (Ph. D. student, FSU Deparment of Biological Science.  Advisor Dr. Sandra Brooke).  .

Guy Harvey Scholars

2018 - Barry Walton ( Ph.D. Student, FSU Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, Advisor Dr. Mariana Fuentes)

2017 - Bryan Keller and Cheston Peterson (Ph. D. students, FSU Department of Biological Science) and Brian Moe (Ph. D. student, FSU EOAS). You can learn more about these projects on the Florida Sea Grant website.

2015 - Chris Malinowski (Ph. D. student, FSU Department of Biological Science) and Brendan Talwar (MSc., Department of Biological Science) 

2014 - Bianca Prohaska (Ph. D. student, FSU Department of Biological Science) 

2013 - Robert Ellis and Johanna Imhoff (Ph. D. students, FSU Department of Biological Science) 

2011 - Cheston Peterson (Ph. D. student, FSU Department of Biological Science)  

John Knauss Marine Policy Fellow

2019 - Bianca Prohaska (Ph. D., advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs, FSUCML)

2017 - Brendan Talwar (MSc., advisor Dr. Dean Grubbs, FSUCML) 

2016 - Alexandra Harper (Ph. D., advisor Dr. Jeff Chanton, EOAS)

2015 - Robert Ellis (Ph. D., advisor Dr. Felicia Coleman, FSUCML) 

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