FSU's Great Give is March 9th!

Scientific-Diver-in-Training and 2021 scholarship recipient Donoven Baughman practicing underwater knot tying at Morcom Aquatics Center. Students in FSU's Scientific Diving course practice skills like these that will prepare them to safely and effectively conduct underwater research.

Mark your calendars! FSU’s Great Give is March 9th!

This year, FSUCML is asking you to donate to our Academic Diving Scholarship Fund in hopes of making this a yearly scholarship opportunity.

FSUCML seeks to increase diversity in scientific diving and underwater sciences by providing scholarships to deserving FSU students to become scientific divers, with preference given to students from groups historically underrepresented in STEM and scientific diving.

FSU Diving Safety Officer, Christopher Peters, on why we created the scholarship:

"There are very real financial and cultural barriers that surround careers in marine science. Young professionals are rewarded for their dedication to years of higher education with low wages and often short-term positions. The world of scientific diving is unfortunately, even more exclusive.

But this does not water down the significance of our mission. 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Those who protect and explore life on Earth understand the need to go underwater. We’re collecting funds for deserving FSU students to become Scientific Divers so we can enable them to pursue careers in marine and underwater sciences."

Scientific-Diver-in-Training and 2021 scholarship recipient Adin Nahoa Domen practiices completing complex tasks (balancing an egg on a spoon while swimming through a hoop) while regulating buoyancy underwater.

If you care about this goal, we’re asking you to please donate whatever you can. Even a $5 donation is a meaningful contribution, especially because FSU’s Great Give provides bonuses for the largest number of donors overall and in several categories, such as first-time and student donors, and donors during lunch or happy hour. Our fundraising goal is $5,000, so please donate what you can and help us reach our goal!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing lots of diving content on FSUCML's social media accounts, and introducing you to some of our talented scientific divers, including our scholarship recipients from last year.

So please follow along on social media at the links below, like and share our campaign posts, and save the date to donate to the Academic Diving Scholarship on March 9th! And please tell your friends, family, and dive buddies!

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Please donate here on March 9th! https://spark.fsu.edu/fsucmldive

Thank you so much for your donation, which helps us increase inclusivity within the Scientific Diving community and support the research efforts of deserving FSU students.

Check out our video featuring last year's FSUCML Diving Scholarship recipients!