Merging Art with Conservation in Student-Created Mural Wall

Local elementary, middle, and high school students' conservation-inspired artwork takes center-stage at the Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory.

Working under the theme "Conservation: Taking Care of the River, Bay and Gulf," students from Franklin County Middle School, Riversink Elementary School, Medart Elementary School, SAIL High School, and Alfred B. Maclay School revealed through art their visions of Florida's rich ecological diversity. The mural project highlights community and school-based artwork while boosting student awareness of the need to conserve and protect our waterways.

The lab provided each participating school with a marine-grade, 4' by 8' panel to use as a canvas and small buckets of paint. The rest sprung from their imaginations, as they interpreted the conservation theme in their own artistic way. The murals now hang on the FSUCML's new Wall of Art in Nature, unveiled on Earth Day 2012 by the students who created them. A sixth mural, donated by the Koenig Bros. Design, Inc., anchors the new wall.

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