Report Sightings of Invasive Lionfish

It’s that time again...time to be a CITIZEN SCIENTIST! Help the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by reporting sightings of the invasive lionfish Pterois volitans/miles. You can do this two different ways: (1) you can download the FWC app by searching for Report Florida Lionfish in your smart phone's app center and use that to file reports, or (2) you can file reports directly on the FWC website: FWC will use the data they receive from any and all sources to plan targeted lionfish removal in Florida waters.

Don’t know how to spot a lionfish? Don’t worry; they are hard to miss. Lionfish have red, brown and white vertical bars that signal other animals to stay away from them. They have long dorsal, anal, and pectoral fins and the fin spines are venomous so handling lionfish can be dangerous and injuries extremely painful. Check out this National Geographic website to learn about what to do if stung. Keep in mind that the venom still works even if the lionfish is dead.

But you don’t have to touch them to help. Just get involved so that FWC can decrease the numbers of this invasive species in Florida waters.