Boating Safety Committee

The Boating Safety Committee has autonomous authority over the boating program. It provides periodic reviews of the boating safety manual and the Boating Safety Officer's performance. Further it recommends the issue or revocation of boating authorizations, it establishes and/or approves training programs, and it can suspend boating operations that are considered unsafe or unwise.  Other details are outlined in the FSUCML Boating Safety Manual

Members of the Committee

Felicia Coleman, Ph.D. (Chief Administrative Officer, CAO)
FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory,

Travis Mohrman (Delegate of the CAO)                                                                                                                                FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, 850-697-4098

Dean Grubbs, Ph.D                                                                                                                                            FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, 850-697-4093

Scott Burgess, Ph.D
FSU Department of Biological Science, 850-645-9564

Matt Edwards, Boating Safety Officer
FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, 850-697-4109
Cheston Peterson, Grad Student Representative
FSU Department of Biological Science

Upcoming Meeting

  • September 9, 2019

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