News Around the Lab

Meaghan Falletti wins Matt Beard Memorial Award

The FSUCML is pleased to announce that Meaghan Falletti is the 2013 recipient of the Matt Beard Memorial Award. Meagan worked in the Florida Keys this past summer studying the diet of lionfish, an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific that is now distributed throughout the Atlantic coast, from New Jersey to Florida, throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Congratulations, Meaghan. Understanding the diet provides critical informaiton about the impact of this species on the habitat that it invades and could lead to solutions for irradication. Looking forward to seeing this body of work in print!

Visiting Grad Spotlight - Robyn Zerebecki

Researchers from the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab and the University of North Florida returned to port on October 16th after completing their second research cruise aboard the Research Vessel Apalachee (and 7th overall cruise since 2011) to investigate deepsea fish communities and the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on these vulnerable and poorly studied species.

Bianca Prohaska wins Guy Harvey Scholarship

Bianca Prohaska, a doctoral student of Dr. Dean Grubbs, was just awarded a 2014 Guy Harvey Scholarship, which is funded by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and administered by Florida Sea Grant. There was strong competition this year, with over 50 applicants for the award. Bianca’s application package was outstanding and was rated very highly by a selection committee comprised of faculty from three Florida universities and by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.