News at FSUCML

Deep-C Fish Ecology Cruise aboard the R/V Apalachee

Researchers from the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab and the University of North Florida returned to port on October 16th after completing their second research cruise aboard the Research Vessel Apalachee (and 7th overall cruise since 2011) to investigate deepsea fish communities and the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on these vulnerable and poorly studied species.

Welcome Grad Students

Welcome Grad Students! On Friday, September 6th FSUCML hosted Grad Night at the lab. New graduate students for the fall semester were invited to the lab for dinner and an overnight stay. On Friday night the students got a chance to meet each other and returning graduate students. The marine lab faculty and staff were also on hand to greet the new students. On Saturday morning, Dr. Dean Grubbs took the new students on a pontoon boat tour and trawl of the coastal area around the lab. Returning graduate student Zach Boudreau and FSUCML Associate Director Mary Balthrop assisted Dr. Grubbs.

Coleman and Koenig Participating in Study of Pulley’s Ridge Fishes

Dr. Felicia Coleman and Dr. Christopher Koenig, accompanied by grad student Chris Malinowski, are onboard the RV Walton Smith (the ship after which the R/V Apalachee was modeled) conducting research in Pulley’s Ridge and the Tortugas, 350 miles from Miami, where the cruise set sail. The objectives are to determine the density of red grouper in selected sites, and to determine whether fish living here are related to fish turning up in coastal sites like Florida Bay.

Maiden Extended Voyage of the R/V Apalachee: A Deep-C Adventure

Researchers from the FSU Coastal and Marine Lab and the University of North Florida returned to port on August 5th after completing the maiden extended day voyage aboard the Research Vessel Apalachee. The purpose of the trip was to study deep sea fish communities of the northern Gulf of Mexcio and examine these organisms for exposure to and metabolism of toxins that may be related to the Deepwater Horizon oil blowout.

Taylor County 4-H Visits the FSUCML

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory welcomed 50 students and staff from the Taylor County 4-H Club. Their day began with a lecture on Dr. William Herrnkind's curriculum on salt water marine habitat and sea life found in the Gulf of Mexico in the Big Bend Area. From there a trip to the greenhouse with wet tables in which they got to interact with various marine species with instruction from Dr. Stephen Gosnell.


On Saturday, May 25, 2013, students from Chiefland High School and Bronson High School visited the lab under the GEAR UP program. GEAR UP, which stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a grant that was developed to prepare low-income students in grades seven through twelve for postsecondary education. It sets rigorous academic standards to ensure higher rates of college attendance in these underprivileged students.

FSUCML Welcomes "Sebod"

Today staff at the FSUCML welcomed the brand new Zodiac named "Sebod" (pronounced "sea-bod"). Thank you to The Dobes Family Foundation for this generous donation to the R/V APALACHEE. "Sebod" is an appropriate name as it comes from the Dobes family name spelled backwards. This Zodiac MilPro SeaRider is about 13.5 ft. (approx. 4 m) long by 6 ft. (approx. 2m) wide and can carry up to 6 passengers. The SeaRider has been proven in operation use around the world, by both military and professional operators, with its unique water ballast system and deep "V" hull, giving the craft exceptional sea keeping capabilities, yet still offering high performance and maneuverability in the heaviest of seas. The Zodiac MilPro SeaRider has been at the forefront of the design and development of RIBs since its onset. We are thrilled to add this as a scientific resource to the R/V APALACHEE!